At  AAA CERTIFIED SOLAR  we use products from Quick Mount PV whenever possible. They are industry leaders and innovators in solar panel mounting hardware. They have an excellent line of products for shingle and tile roofs that are common. For metal roofs, we use products from Eco Fasten or S-5 typically, depending on roof type. For flat roofs, we use a variety of products but typically stick to a combination of Quick Mount PV standoffs with high-tech curbs with pourable sealant.

Ultimately we select a product that is perfect for your roof. More importantly, we install it correctly!

Are there lower-cost alternatives on the market? Absolutely. We see competitors using them all the time. You might get away with a cheaper product. But usually the contractors using cheaper products are also using cheaper labor and cutting corners elsewhere.

That is why you should always choose AAA CERTIFIED SOLAR for any solar needs.