Solar Panel Installation

Your roof is one of the most sensitive parts of your home.  It bares the heat in the summer,  the cold in the winter and the rain through out the year.  AAA Certified Solar is a solar installation company that is certified by NABCEP, which is the gold standard in the solar and electrical fields.

The solar module installation is a product that should last for many decades.  PV roof attachments expand and contract throughout the seasons and when installed improperly they will fail.  That is why you need a PV professional that understand that there is more to an installation of a solar system that just attaching panels to a roof. We are also certified electricians.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

In the solar installation process there are situations where the desired solar system is larger than  current  service electrical panel can handle.  In these situations it is required that the service be upgraded to meet the needs of the new solar installation.  AAA Certified Solar has removed and reinstalled hundreds of systems.  Through this experience we have perfected the method of making this a painless experience for our customer.  We understand that your electrical panel is the electrical heart of your home and much like a surgeon we perform this task meticulously.

Troubleshooting Poor Performing Systems

There can be many things that could potentially cause your Solar System to under perform such as dirty solar panels, poorly designed systems and shading. Our job is to asses your system to provide you with the best and most cost effective solution to get your solar system back on track and saving you  money.

Proper Cleaning

Proper cleaning is vital for maximum solar energy output. Soil buildup can reduce array output. When your solar panels are clean, well maintained, and in excellent condition, you are protecting your investment and helping your panels to run more efficiently. You will immediately notice the difference.

Solar System Design

System Design is an essential part of the system installation process.  Potential problems include design flaws such as high impedance circuits, mechanical and electrical failures such as blown fuses or non-performing modules as well as array shading and soiling can be problems that can be avoided. NABCEP Certified designers will design your system to maximize your system output in turn saving you money.

See how you can Easily Design your system and immediately know your costs and savings!